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BREAKING: True The Vote Co-Founders And ‘2000 Mules’ Creators, Gregg Phillips And Catherine Engelbrecht ARRESTED And Put In Jail



It’s being reported this morning that both c and Gregg Phillips have been arrested and put in jail by an order of the judge in their case. The issue is that Engelbrecht and Phillips are refusing to reveal their confidential source who led them to the Chinese server where Konnech put their US election data.

True The Vote (TTV) co-founders Greg Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht were taken into custody by officers of the United States Marshals Service (USMS) on Monday morning in Houston, Texas, at the order of Senior United States District Judge, Kenneth Michael Hoyt, of the Southern District of Texas (SDTX), after Phillips declined to identify the third man present at a January 2021 meeting with FBI Confidential Informant (CI), Mike Hasson, where Konnech Inc. data was allegedly accessed.

Mike Hasson was issued a civil action summons, but it has been reported that Hasson has gone into hiding out of fear for his safety.

Investigative reporter, George Webb, attended the 9:00 AM at the Bob Casey United States Courthouse hearing in the case of Konnech Inc. v True The Vote Inc. (4:22-CV-03096) and witnessed the arrest, which happened around 10:30 AM.

Ivory Hecker reports:

Another independent reporter named George Webb explains this further, including the fact that Catherine Engelbrecht wasn’t even at this Dallas hotel meeting: