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Kamala Harris Gets What She Deserves For Maskless Photo Taken With Masked Children



Vice President Kamala Harris is facing scrutiny for a photo she took with children from Washington, D.C. as she was maskless and the kids were wearing masks.

This has become a common practice among Democrats, and one that is likely to be highlighted by Republicans during the midterm elections.

The Republican National Committee has definitely taken notice as it shared a video of Vice President Harris at Neville Thomas Elementary School on Monday where she was on hand to promote  “Action Plan for Building Better School Infrastructure, which is a plan to make public school facilities and transportation systems more energy-efficient.

As Harris took to the stage, she encouraged children to gather around her for a photo where they were masked and she was not.

On March 16, DC Public Schools made face masks optional and said that wearing them was an “individual decision.”

But Harris was still excoriated on Twitter for it.

“Kamala Harris: Rules for thee but not for me,” Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said.

“In the Democrats’ anti-science dystopia, the only person who doesn’t need to wear a mask is Kamala Harris,” Tommy Pigott RNC Research Rapid Response Director said in a tweet.

“So wrong on so many levels,” former President Trump advisor Stephen Miller said.

“Lmfao why do they all keep doing this,” Greg Price said with photos of other Democrats who have taken similar photos.

One example of many was when Democrat Georgia candidate for governor Stacey Abrams posed with school children in February. In the photo all of the children had their masks on but Abrams was maskless, Fox News reported.

Abrams visited Glennwood Elementary School outside of Atlanta this past week to kick off the third annual African American read-in, where she met with young students and teachers. The principal, Dr. Holly Brookins, took to Twitter after the visit to post four pictures on her Twitter account of Abrams’ visit, which included three pictures of Abrams without a mask, despite the Decatur City Commission reinstating a mandatory masking ordinance last month. 

The picture that went viral was Abrams sitting on the floor with her legs crossed and smiling without a mask on while the dozens of children and adults behind her were all wearing masks. Abrams quote tweeted the picture and told Brookins that her visit was “spectacular, delightful, and outstanding.” 

As of Sunday morning, Brookins’ Twitter account appears to be deactivated and Abrams’ quote tweet is no longer on her Twitter account, but that hasn’t slowed down the backlash as the picture spreads across social media.

The Democrat still received a ton of criticism on Twitter for her photo and hypocrisy.

“UNMASK OUR KIDS!!!!!” former host of “The View” Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain, said.

And another one who was caught in February was Democrat Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin who was photographed at a campaign event.

“Another successful Snow Boots on the Ground event in Owosso! Thank you to everyone who came out despite the frigid temperatures. (My selfie skills also seem to be improving so my team actually let me post this one!)” she said on Twitter in a photo that showed her not wearing a mask but the audience behind her with covered faces.

And then there was New York Gov. Kathy Hochul who, during a time when she was lieutenant governor, shared a photo on Facebook of herself and other adults unmasked in a classroom with masked children.

She was there at the Bronx Community College Early Childhood Center to announce a $35 million expansion of QUALITYstarsNY, a program in New York that rates early childhood programs on a five-star scale.

At the time of the photo New York state had lifted most mask mandates for those who were vaccinated.

Source: Conservative Brief

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