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Look Out Hunter, Dr. Jill is Going to Be Mighty ANGRY About This…



Could there be a more dysfunctional family than the Bidens?

The daughter, Ashley wrote in her diary, that Joe took “inappropriate showers” with her when she was younger, which she claims may have contributed to her becoming a sex addict later in life.


Hunter grew up to be a raging crackhead and a creepy pervert, who had an affair with his dead brother’s widow.

Again, disgusting.

And Jill Biden is such a power-crazed harpy, that she’s allowing her husband to perform like a dancing clown on the world stage.

This is a family of monsters…

But it looks like the dysfunction goes even deeper than we may have realized.

Newly unearthed text messages from Hunter’s “Laptop From Hell,” reveal that he and Jill intensely dislike one another… and it appears to go far beyond Hunter being an angry “crackhead.”

It seems there is no love lost between Hunter and his stepmother, Jill.

The Sun reported that in one text to his late brother Beau’s widow, Hallie, – with whom he was romantically involved at the time – Hunter referred to Jill as a “selfish silly entitled c**t.”

He also admitted he had told the now-First Lady to “go f**k yourself” and ridiculed her teaching skills during an argument just after Christmas in 2018.

The bitter showdown came as Hunter’s penchant for crack cocaine and wild sex sessions with call girls was reportedly spiraling out of control.

Text messages appear to show that Jill, 71, supported Hallie, 47, in pushing for him to seek inpatient rehab treatment.

Most of the texts were found on a bombshell Apple iPhone backup found on Hunter’s infamous “laptop from hell.”

They were handed to The Sun by Marco Polo, an organization led by a former White House staffer, which is investigating the laptop.

Exchanging texts with his Uncle Jimmy Biden on December 29, Hunter told how Jill, Hallie, and Hunter’s half-sister, Ashley, 41, had tried to convince Joe, 79, that his son was “in real danger zone” and “a threat to myself and others.”

After proposing that he would stay near his uncle in Pennsylvania and teach, Hunter claimed that Jill rolled her eyes and told him: “Well you’re not going to be doing anything at all for yourself or your family if you just refuse to get sober.”

Raging against her reaction in a further text message to his uncle, Hunter – a graduate of Yale Law School – said he told English teacher Jill he was smarter than her.

He said: “I said Yang ow [you know] what mom you’re a f**king moron. A vindictive moron.

“I suooorted [supported] my GM family including some of the costs you should have used your salary to lay [pay] for – for the last 24 years.

“And you do know the drunkest I’ve ever been is still smarter than you could ever even comprehend and you’re a shut (sic) grammar teacher that wouldn’t survive one class in a ivy graduate program.

“So go f**k yourself Jill let’s all agree I don’t like you anymore than you like me.

That last line says it all, doesn’t it?

The things Hunter said about Jill are harsh, but they could be written off as the ramblings of a crack addict… but that last line gives us a peek into what’s really happening here… they don’t like one another, and everything else appears to result from that root issue.

Clearly, these two have had a torrid and unhealthy relationship.

What a mess this family is… and if they can’t manage themselves, what makes anyone think they can manage the US?