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Nude Hunter Biden Just Created New Major Catastrophe For POTUS



Joe Biden, the gun-grabbing Democrat, has another mess on his hands, something that his side of the political spectrum will likely ignore as usual.

This one includes his son, Hunter Biden, and emerges from Hunter’s abandoned laptop. Corrupt US Intelligence officials and influential politicians claimed it was all a bunch of “Russian lies” to discredit Biden before the 2020 election.

The American public is well aware that the contents of the ‘laptop from Hell’ are unquestionably authentic Biden’s and that they contain irrefutable evidence pointing to numerous state, federal, and national crimes, for which the Bidens have conveniently escaped punishment.

Hunter Biden was protected from lying on gun forms and from recklessly disposing of guns in public, but he also enjoys playing with guns despite being a known drug addict with low morals, and his father, Joe Biden, is aware of this.

However, Joe Biden is more concerned with punishing American families than his own.

Americans are aware of the Biden Crime Family’s hypocrisy, and today there is more to add to their growing frustration.

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But just for irony’s sake, let us examine how the latest drop from the Hunter Biden scandal shows a naked and likely drug-crazed Hunter parading around a very elaborate space with a gun while his finger is on the trigger and he is in the presence of another person. Well, that is normal- right?

Apparently, Hunter, like his crazy pal Alec Baldwin, didn’t take the NRA safety class. I digress.

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