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Trump and John Wayne: Are You Ready For The Sequel?



I enjoy listening to Victor Davis Hanson, a great American thinker.  From time to time, I also enjoy old country Western movies (i.e. Westerns).

So when Victor drew comparisons between Trump and John Wayne characters in Westerns he had my attention.

Victor’s point is that before Trump came on the scene Americans needed help.  We knew we were out gunned by the opposition.

Like the evil barons in a Western film, the bad guys we face have big money, the press, and paid gun slingers on their side.

We needed a serious gun fighter, someone that could balance or tip the scales for the good guys.

Then Trump came down the escalator and was on the scene.   And he took over from there.

As Victor puts it in the interview below:

You want judges, he gave you judges.  You want deregulation, he gave you deregulation.  You want record low minority unemployment, he gave you it.  You want record high republican participation by more minorities, he gave you it. You want a new middle east, he gave you that.  You want to defang Iran, he [was] doing it.  You want to confront China, he did it.  You want to change the tax code to favor investment, he did it.

But, like in any good Western film, some of our fellow Americans thought he was a little too harsh.  His words were mean sometimes.

He was in fight mode all the time.  Some did not think he would make a good pastor.

Well,  your president shouldn’t be your pastor.   Or as John Wayne’s character would put it, “Quit your bellyaching.”

Now don’t take this the wrong way.  I see Trump’s faults, too.  But look at what we’re up against.  We needed a serious fighter to take on the threats to our freedoms, domestically and abroad.

As I see it, the barons of our time hit back hard.  We watched them use their bag of dirty tricks to unseated Trump.

Don’t expect Trump to single handedly clear out the bad guys in the sequel.  He’ll need us locals to pitch in, too.

Do you think John Wayne would vote for Trump?

Listen to John’s perspective in 1975 on certain liberals to help inform your decision.

As the big Western hero said–keep your optimism for the future.

Bring on the Trump Sequel.

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