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[VIDEO] Bad Lighting And Intense Cackling Make Kamala Look and Sound Like “The Joker” at Mayor’s Event



Kamala was the worst person Joe’s Handlers could have picked for VP.

If there was a “Worst VP Pick” Olympics, Kamala would win the gold in every single category, every single time.

Her ineptitude is actually magical.

You can’t just fake stupidity and gawkiness like this, and it’s only found in very select people… it’s like finding a black polar bear in Antarctica, or something.

And while Kamala’s stupidity and awkwardness are amazing to behold, it’s also quite frightening, because this cackling gasbag could be our next “president” at any given moment.

And speaking of “cackling gasbags,” did you see Kamala’s latest speech?

If not, you missed out on a real doozy.

Why does she look “green,” you’re probably wondering? Well, I gotta say, this has to be the worst lighting job I’ve ever seen.

She looked like the Incredible Hulk until she started cackling, then I definitely got more “Joker” vibes… that boxy suit jacket of hers didn’t help, either.

This 18-second clip could literally be an audition tape for a Batman movie.

Kamala was the speaker at the US Mayors Conference in Reno, Nevada, where she talked to the mayors like they were kindergartners, and then cackled like a Batman villain.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Has to be the dumbest president or vice president in modern history. And that is saying a lot. Holy hell.”

“WTH is she smoking?!”

“Good God- this is why @joebiden is still the worst President in history–because everyone knows–it could be worse!”

“Kammie always sounds like she’s speaking to kindergartners.”

“Calling her an airhead is an insult to air. At least air serves a purpose and all the evidence I’ve seen suggests that their must be a black hole between her ears”

“The Herbert Hoover Administration is getting some serious competition for worst of all time…”

“Please pray for our country..”

“It’s hard to be this lacking in charisma.”

“She averages less than 1 word per second”

“Is she mentally deficient?”

“An intellectual giant, she is.”

“Why is everything so funny to her??” Nothing she said was funny. Why is she laughing so hard?? I don’t get it” 

Apparently, that PR firm she hired to makeover her cruddy personality has been on strike because Kamala continues to do the same bizarre things that end up being turned into scathing blog posts like this one here.

She speaks in world salads, cackles like a crazed hyena, and communicates with everyone as if they’re Joe Biden, and can’t understand big words.

It’s so easy to fix this… Buckle down, read your briefings, understand the depth of the issues, hire better speech writers, and take medication for that villainous laugh.

But Kamala is too arrogant, narcissistic, and insecure to self-reflect and make improvements.

Just like Joe Biden, she thinks everything that’s going wrong is actually our fault… we’re just too confused or bigoted to understand how amazing she truly is…

This is the mentality of fools… and we’ve got two of the biggest, pretending to be in charge.