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[VIDEO] Car Owner Booby-Traps His Truck So When These Thieves Show Up, They Got a Big Surprise



Crime in Joe Biden’s America is so bad, and bad guys are treated so gently with all this nonsensical “bail reform,” that many decent, law-abiding citizens feel as if they’re on their own.


And as a result, some are now “booby-trapping” their cars to deter thieves.

And while officials are urging residents NOT to do this, a recent video from New Orleans of a booby-trapped truck shows it’s actually working

WDSU reported that a Metairie man rigged a flash bang to deter people from breaking into his truck, and the incident was caught on video. The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said he is tired of his truck getting broken into.

He rigged a flash bang inside his truck that would trigger if someone broke in.

Surveillance shows that the flash bang went off while someone broke into his truck in New Orleans.

The video shows a man break the glass of his truck and crawl inside. Shortly after the person entered the truck a flash can be seen.

The person who broke into the truck jumps out and runs away.

The man who rigged the flash bang said he understands this wasn’t the best way to go about deterring car burglaries, but was frustrated with how often his truck was broken into it.

NOPD released the following statement about the incident:

“While we understand the frustrations our citizens have with crime, rigging an explosive device to detonate inside a vehicle is illegal and a bad idea.

“Not only is there a risk of injury to yourself and others, there could be serious legal ramifications for everyone involved.

You can watch the video below:

The saddest part in all of this is that if the flash-bang injured the thief it’d be the law-abiding, decent citizen who got in trouble, not the criminal.

That’s the kind of backward agenda Dems are pushing right now. It feels as if criminals are the ones with more rights.

And we can thank the “BLM” movement for that.


They victimized and glorified criminals and hoodlums, and now, this is what we’re left living with – chaos, anarchy, and fear.

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