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[VIDEO] Kamala Stands Stone-Faced While Joe Makes His Most Apropos Freudian Slip, EVER



Joe Biden can’t speak.

This isn’t news to anybody, but it’s gotten worse.

Every day, Joe Biden gets worse… and the American people are forced to sit and watch the mental and physical deterioration of an elderly man.

It’s very macabre.

And sometimes you wonder, does Joe realize what’s happening around him?

Does he know that Americans have flatly and soundly rejected him and his “Green New Garbage Deal” agenda?

Do you think Joe knows deep down that he was never the most popular politician in American history and he did NOT receive 81 million LEGAL votes?

We may never know the answer to that question, but we can surmise that Joe’s subconscious knows exactly how the American people feel, thanks to his latest “Freudian slip.”

It happened during Joe’s remarks on the recent Roe v Wade decision.

Biden was discussing an unsubstantiated story about a so-called 10-year-old girl who was raped, got pregnant, and had to travel from Ohio to Indiana to get an abortion.

A radical left-wing abortion doctor started the story, but there’s no evidence as of yet to prove the story is real.

But that won’t stop Joe or the Dems from spreading it like wildfire.

However, karma snuck in while Joe was talking about it, and forced him to accidentally tell the truth.

While telling the story, instead of saying the young girl “terminated the pregnancy,” Joe Biden said she “terminated the presidency.”

Is that an offer you’re making, Joe?

Yes, please…. where do we sign?

You can watch the video below:

Did you notice how Kamala stood there stone-faced as if she was saying to herself, “Don’t react. Don’t make a face. Don’t let them know you know…”

It’s too late, Kamala. We all know he’s a senile buffoon, and sadly, you’re not much better.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Hooray!! Joe is going to terminate the Presidency!”

“Most Americans would travel any distance to see your presidency terminated.”

“Another gaffe from today’s disastrous teleprompter reading. He said, terminate the Presidency, which I’m ok with, instead of terminate the pregnancy. They’re having a tough time convincing people he’s not a geriatric nursing home patient at this point.”

“Get him to a nursing home asap”

“How do those two wankers behind him keep a straight face?”

“I think we should all get behind Terminating this Presidency LOL”

“Watching this buffoon get fired up over an obvious fake story was the icing on the cake”

I agree, there are some very big “red flags” about that story Joe told… but I am 100 percent onboard with Joe terminating his presidency in Indiana, or elsewhere.