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[VIDEO] “WOKE” Bubba Wallace Gets Publicly Humiliated at Recent Race



Bubba Wallace has never been a popular, and beloved driver. He’s a jerk, who used the “George Floyd” hysteria to score some PR points. Remember that absurd garage noose, he got all hysterical over? It was embarrassingly silly, and the FBI sent like 15 agents to investigate, what turned out to be a “garage pull” that had been there for years and years. It was totally off the wall, and ridiculous.

And just recently, Bubba was suspended for physically attacking another driver, because of something that happened on the track. He’s a typical, emotionally unwell, and violent liberal.


So, it’s no wonder that he got savagely booed recently by NASCAR fans. I mean, he really got booed. I don’t think there’s any doubt in Bubba’s mind about how NASCAR fans really think about him.

Breitbart reported that Bubba Wallace may be the darling of the leftist sports media but he is clearly not as popular among NASCAR fans, as evidenced by the loud and clear booing of that greeted Wallace during driver introductions this weekend.

Fresh off his one-race suspension for shoving Kyle Larson – the smallest man in NASCAR – fans at Martinsville treated Wallace to a chorus of boos.

As The Athletic’s Jeff Gluck reports, the booing for Wallace was far greater than any other driver received.

While Wallace will always maintain a residual level of unpopularity among NASCAR fans for the brouhaha resulting from his 2020 claim that a garage pull was a noose, a claim investigated and discredited by the FBI. The reaction to Wallace in this case, is more likely due to his bullying of the much smaller Kyle Larson earlier this month.

The trouble started at Turn 3 of the NASCAR Cup Series South Point 400 in Las Vegas, when Larson tried to pass but ended up putting Bubba Wallace into the wall. Wallace then appeared to retaliate by striking the rear of Larson’s car.

hings deteriorated from there as Wallace confronted Larson at his car and shoved him around.

You can watch the video below:

Bubba said he’s learned his lesson about violence – sure he has.

But no matter what lessons he learns, that doesn’t change the fact that NASCAR fans can’t stand him. As a matter of fact, according to a study done by, Bubba Wallace is far and away the most hated driver in NASCAR.

The study utilized the social listening tool Linkfluence, which analyzed which driver this season has received the most online “love and hate” from Twitter posts. Unfortunately – but probably not surprisingly – the results showed that every 1 in 3 posts towards Wallace were resoundingly negative (30.1%).

The next closest driver was Cody Ware, who checked in at 18% – most likely because he’s seemingly at the center of a major wreck every week.

The study also found that Wallace’s second-place finish at Michigan last month received the most hate.

Can’t imagine why right?

This is not surprising to me. Bubba Wallace is petty, entitled, and wants to make NASCAR just another “woke” sport. I am actually shocked he has taken a knee during the National Anthem. He must know better because if he does that, he’d be finished.