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WATCH: Take A Look of Trump’s ‘Modernized, Renovated’ Boeing 757



Donald Trump’s iconic Boeing 757 jet will soon take to the skies once again after a remodel in Louisiana, the former president announced on Wednesday.

President Trump was known to use it for his dramatic arrivals to campaign stops on the 2016 trail, where it was nicknamed ‘Trump Force One.’

‘During my four years in the White House, I didn’t use everybody’s favorite airplane, the Boeing 757 we campaigned on for our big 2016 WIN,’ Trump wrote on his social media app Truth Social.

‘Now it has been completely modernized and renovated, and looks GREAT, all done in the Great State of Louisiana, and coming back to the skies in the Fall of 2022, or maybe sooner. Get ready!’

Its signature black-red-white coloring with ‘Trump’ emblazoned in gold lettering still remains.

It’s possibly yet another hint that the former president is considering a third White House bid to avert attention from the January 6 committee’s explosive probe that alleges Trump and his allies tried to subvert democracy.

The redesign also comes a month after Politico reported the Biden administration scrapped Trump’s planned redesign for Air Force One.

Trump’s proposal included a dark blue underbelly that would have led to hotter temperatures on part of the plane, an official told the outlet. The extra cost to keep the plane cool was reason enough for Biden’s staff to nix it altogether.

It appears the company behind the work is called Landlocked Aviation, a company that specializing in aircraft refinishing based in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

According to the business’ website, it’s also worked on aircraft belonging to Delta Airlines, the US military, and World War II-era planes.